Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Field Studies Availability Checklist: AQA A

 Syllabus AQA A
Agriculture Horticulture  
Pressure on the urban fringe X
Coasts Cliff and beach systems X
Coastal management X
Halosere vegetation succession  
Sand dune vegetation succession and management X
Climate Forest climates  
Shelter belts and wind breaks  
Ecosystems Aleppo pine/Evergreen oak climax vegetation  
Ecology of urban areas  
Halosere vegetation succession  
Maquis/garrigue biome X
Mediterranean wetlands  
National Park management  
Plagioclimax X
Sand dune vegetation succession X
Glaciation Glaciated landscapes and landforms  
Periglacial processes and landforms  
Hazards Flood and drought hazards and management X
Industry Industrial change and de-industrialisation X
Research and development incubators X
Changing pattern of retailing  
Limestone landscapes    
Rivers Channel characteristics X
Drainage basin management X
Effects of human activity on fluvial processes X
Flood hazard and management X
Fluvial processes and landforms X
Rainfall-discharge relationships  
Rural areas Contrasting experiences of semi-rural and extreme rural areas  
Managing rural environments  
Rural depopulation  
Sustainable rural development  


Slopes Slope processes  


Brown earths, gleys, rendzinas and terra rossas X


Sport and leisure Impact of sport and leisure activities  
Tectonics Economic benefits of igneous activity X
Extrusive landforms X
Tectonic processes and landforms X
Tourism Intra-national tourism and recreation  
National Park management X
Sustainable tourist development X
Tourist pressures on coastal environments  
Urban City planning and development issues X
Changing pattern of retailing  
Ecology of urban areas  
Managing urban environments X
Patterns of urban land use X
Re-urbanisation X
Spatial segregation  
Sustainable city management X
Urban change and environmental problems X
Urban-rural migration, suburbanisation and counterurbanisation X

Water Resources


Irrigation study  
Water supply and demand  

Wilderness environments


Pressures, conflicts and management  
 Syllabus AQA A