Year 8 Rainforest Project

The project investigates the issue of rainforest destruction, the causes and effects of the destruction and the possible solutions. The project should be completed individually or by working in groups of two. If you decide to work in a group, your work must be clearly identifiable for grading purposes.

The areas to be covered are shown in the flow diagram below, with the key study areas highlighted in colour. You should start with a map showing the rainforest locations, ideally showing how much rainforest is under threat or has already been lost.

The usual skill requirements apply. Maps must have a heading, scale and key, be labelled and referred to in your writing. Graphs (e.g. of climate data) and diagrams should be labelled and also referred to in your written account.

Your understanding of how the rainforest works will be helped by examining its climate, vegetation structure and nutrient cycle. Why is it often said that clearing the rainforests will recreate the deserts that they once were?



  List of sites

  Amazon destruction rate falls

  Brazil's unsustainable Amazon scheme

  Causes of rainforest destruction

  Forestry Issues

  Habitats and Ecosystems (KS3)

  Habitats and Ecosystems (KS3)

  Sustainable Development