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Machu Picchu

Delete this post Submitted by Mario Sánchez Vera on 15/Oct/2007


After my first reading, I was really surprised. Peruvians know that the tourism helps the economy, but most of them have no idea about the high costs. The negative consequences of the tourism are hidden by the goverment with the advertising. The government receives, but it doesn't give anything.

I completely disagree with two situations. The helicopters that fly for low-flying tours attack the Andean Condor in an indirect way. In a few years the number of low-flying tours will increase and this marvellous animal will disappear from the area. The dependence on tourism activity is an alarming reality for Cuzco. The national situation directly affects this activity. It's a big problem. I think this won't change.

The most important benefit is the multiplier effect. The economy is growing. There are a lot of jobs and business opportunities. Peruvians and foreign business men see Macchu Picchu as a "gold mine". Some local journalists talk about big projects.

The cultural exchange is necessary. The tourism is a "big door" for us to show to the world what we are. It gives us a great opportunity to share our culture.

Desecration: The desecration is a big point against the tourism. Most Peruvians relics were found in Europe and USA

Heritage: The Inca culture is the biggest heritage of this country. Our customs are proof of that.

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