Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Montseny Natural Park

The Park is an easily accessible mountainous area located to the north-east of Barcelona, approximately an hour's journey from the city. It has been recognised as one of the most valuable geographical areas in Spain for its landscape qualities.

River Tordera, Montseny Natural Park
River Tordera, Montseny


Study Options



Effects of fogs (around 800-1000 metres above sea-level) on natural vegetation.

The effect of valley temperature inversions upon natural vegetation and agricultural land-use (vines).

The effect of the föhn wind on vegetation and agricultural land-use.


Changes in river biodiversity: source-to-mouth study of the River Tordera.


Altitudinal vegetation zoning, passing from Mediterranean evergreen forest, through Central European deciduous forest (above 1000 metres) to alpine meadows found on the higher peaks.

An investigation of visitor pressure on Montseny and the calculation of ecological impact.

Park Management

Management strategies that seek to reconcile the conflicting demands between human activities and the natural systems.

The effectiveness of visitor management.

An examination of visitor profiles, activities and perceptions.

An investigation into perceptual, ecological and physical carrying capacities.


Source-to-mouth study of the River Tordera.

Settlement Location and Change

The impact of the growth of second homes and tourism on the economy of Riells i Viabrea (population 1,196).

The impact of tourism on Campins (population, 217).

A comparison between the positions, form and development of two villages.

An investigation of the site, situation and function of Arbucies and the reasons for its growth.

Water Supply

The management of the Park's valuable water resources: reconciling the demands of mineral water production, domestic use, irrigation, industry and river ecology. Montseny is one of Spain's most important producers of mineral water. The demand for water for domestic use has increased as the area has filled up with second homes. The control of irrigation water has ancient origins and is based on concessions and the use of permits. Industrialisation has led to a marked recent increase in water consumption.

The economic impact of the hot springs in the village of La Garriga.

The importance of water-related industries to the economy of Arbucies.