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River Fieldwork

Riera de Ribes
Travel time: 15 minutes

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Riera de Ribes flash flood hazard study
Riera de Ribes flash flood hazard study
Flash flood hazard and river management.

The Riera de Ribes is normally a dry river and the investigation is based on a historic flood notch on a river cliff.

The river flood cross-section and gradient are measured. Discharge is calculated using the hydraulic radius and Manning n formula.

The risk to recent housing and camp site developments on the river floodplain downstream can be assessed together with the effectiveness of river management schemes.

This study introduces the concepts of river efficiency and competence.

Other factors that affect the flood risk, such as increased urbanisation, forest fires, changing agricultural land use, drainage density, drainage basin shape, reforestation, etc. can be analysed with the aid of secondary data.

The study can include a visit to the nearby flash flood management scheme in El Vendrell.

Flash flood hazard field study


River Todera, Montseny Natural Park
Travel time: 1ΒΌ hours
Location Themes Details
River Tordera source-to-mouth study
Changes along the river profile: source-to-mouth study. Downstream changes in velocity, discharge, gradient, bed load and efficiency etc. Correlations between the channel variables. Four sites can normally be visited during a day's fieldwork.
River processes field study

All fieldwork is supported with secondary data. These fieldwork studies take a full day.