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Business Studies

Our Business Studies options enable students to observe businesses at first hand within a dynamic, exciting and rapidly changing Mediterranean environment. Students learn the relevance of their coursework, develop new ideas, experience the application of business and economic principles and practice data collection and analysis.

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Barcelona Industry
Travel time: 1½ hours
Zona Franca
Zona Franca
Zona Franca Logistics Park
Logistics Park
22@ district: Torre Agbar
22@ district: Torre Agbar
Autonomous University of Barcelona Department of Artificial Intelligence Research
University Department of Artificial Intelligence Research
This study day examines a variety of ways in which Barcelona is recovering its leading role as a magnet for foreign direct investment and as Spains industrial powerhouse.

Visits can be made to Zona Franca, Logistics Park, Parc Tecnològic del Vallès (Science Park of El Vallès), the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the inner city 22@ district.

Contrasts are made between these different industrial zones, and their importance to the Catalan and Spanish economy analysed.

The day may be combined with a factory visit, e.g. the SEAT car plant at Martorell, near Barcelona.


Zona Franca is the largest and most active industrial estate in Spain and one of the most dynamic in Europe. The industrial estate is undergoing major transformation with various new infrastructure projects being developed. more

Parc Tecnològic del Vallès caters for, and 'incubates' businesses and institutions that work in the field of the new technologies. The nearby Autonomous University of Barcelona specialises in turning out students with applied science skills and the government has invested heavily in support infrastructure. The university is the site of southern Europe's new generation synchrotron.
High-Tech cluster

The 22@ project involves the conversion of an old inner city manufacturing zone into a district specialising in new technologies.

This fieldwork study is supported with secondary data and takes a full day.

Industry Visits

Visits to industrial providers are very popular, dependent upon availability, and often require a reservation up to a year in advance. Two of the possible visits below may be combined to make a full day.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport Visit
Minimum advance booking: 6 months
There are 4 options available, and two visits may be combined. Each visit has a duration of 2 hours.
Visit 1
Aviation Cultural Centre and "get to know your airport" walking tour. Recommended for students between 12 and 16 years.
This tour introduces students to the Airport’s facilities and operations. The visit starts at the Aviation Cultural Centre where there is a presentation about the airport and its activities tailored to the group's age, This takes around 30/40 minutes. The visit continues to terminal 1 where, if needed, the group is split to pass through security control. This is followed by a walk of 1 hour around the passenger zone of the airport with the guides explaining the activities that take place around an aircraft and some relevant aspects before flight departure.
Visit 2
Aviation Cultural Centre and bus tour around the "runway area". Recommended for students 16 years and older.
This tour covers the work performed outside the passenger zone. It consists of a general presentation in the Aviation Cultural Centre followed by a guided bus tour where students can see, from the bus, the Iberia aircraft maintenance hangar, the firefighting and signalman building and the work associated with aircraft support.
Visit 3
Aviation Cultural Centre. Recommended for students between 12 and 16 years.
This visit consists of a general presentation on the airport at the Aeronautical Cultural Centre and the exhibition on the history of the airport, offered jointly by Aena S.M.E., S.A. and the Aeronautical Park Foundation.
Visit 4
Aviation Sector Technical Tours
This tour is aimed at university students, college professionals, associations or bodies, and consists of a general presentation of the key aspects at the airport followed by a visit to the Airport Management Centre and/or pre-arranged technical areas.
Barcelona Stock Exchange
Minimum advance booking: 9 months
Visit time: 3 hours
The Electronic Trading Floor of the Barcelona Stock Exchange receives over 700,000 visitors a year. The latest technology provides real time information on market movements. This visit will help GCSE students understand the nature of financial control, whereas students of Accountancy and Finance at 'A' level will develop an understanding of strategic decision-making.

Cobega SA Coca Cola Bottling Plant
Minimum advance booking: 9 months
Visit time: 3 hours
Coca-Cola is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages. Here students can gain an insight into how the drinks are made, bottled and distributed.

Estrella Damm Brewery
Minimum advance booking: 3 months
Visit time: 3 hours
This visit to the Estrella Damm Brewery explores the beer making process, from the brewing to the final bottling. Only non-alcoholic beverages are provided for tasting for students under the age of 18 years.

Pere Ventura Cava tour
Minimum advance booking: 3 months.
Visit time: 3 hours
For many students, a visit to Pere Ventura is one of the highlights of their visit to Catalonia.
They sell to 43 countries worldwide and can produce 35,000 bottles per day. Their main markets are Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Nigeria, and Mexico. Current production is over 1 million bottles per year.
There is a very clear explanation of the wine growing process and all departments are visited. The tour follows the bottles on their journey from the cellar resting period, to the removal of the sediment by freezing the neck, corking and labelling. Pere Ventura uses traditional manufacturing methods combined wiith state-of-the art automation, including robots. The visit ends with snacks and grape juice sampling.
Pere Ventura staff are very welcoming and are open to all questions.
Only non-alcoholic beverages are provided for tasting for students under the age of 18 years.

La Vanguardia
Minimum advance booking: 9 months
Visit time: 3 hours
As Catalonia's best-selling newspaper, a visit here can be related to the Business Environment. Two tours are on offer here and you can choose the most relevant to your students. Choose between an editorial visit, which will outline how the stories are put together and a printing visit, which details the production and distribution process.

SEAT Car Plant
Minimum advance booking: 9 months, with availability suspended during commercially sensitive periods such as new model launches.
Minimum student age: 18 years
Visit time: 3 hours
SEAT was first established in 1953 with assistance of Fiat with whom it worked until 1980. It is now owned by VW/Audi/Lamborghini. Its new factory at Martorell, opened in 1993, is the most modern in Europe, with just-in-time and flexible 'to order' production. Engines are imported from Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and South Africa. The factory employs 12,700 and produces 6 models, 68% for export to 70 countries.
SEAT has invested heavily in research and development, and around 1,250 staff work at the Martorell Technical Centre. This provides the brand with a unique position among all car-makers established in Spain in being the only company with the capacity to design, develop and produce its own vehicles in the country.

Torres Bodega
Minimum advance booking: 3 months.
Visit time: 3 hours
Torres is a well-known family name and a successful local, national and international wine business. Students will gain an understanding of the ways in which production is organised with a full guided tour beginning at the visitor centre and taking in the entire production process.
Only non-alcoholic beverages are provided for tasting for students under the age of 18 years.

Vichy Catalan Spring Water Bottling Plant
Minimum advance booking: 3 months.
Visit time: 3 hours
A guided visit to the Spa and the Vichy Catalan Bottling Plant introduces students to the history of the Spa and the process that begins with the water leaving the spring until it is bottled. The tour ends with an explanation of the geological origin of the water while tasting the Vichy products.

Port Aventura Theme Park

Port Aventura map

Port Aventura is located between the coastal towns of Salou and La Pineda. It consists of two parks: the Port Aventura theme park and the Caribe Aquatic Park, and three themed hotels: Hotel Port Aventura, Hotel El Paso and Hotel Caribe. The theme park features five distinctly themed areas: Mediterranea, Far West, Mexico, China and Polynesia. In total, the theme park features more than 30 attractions, 100 daily live performances, 75 restaurants and food outlets, 20 shops and 10 game areas.

The complex employs around 4,000 people. Many come from the surrounding areas, but some also come from as far afield as Zaire and Jordan.

Port Aventura offers educational workbooks in Business Studies and Tourism and Spanish Language Studies. Each workbook focuses on key areas relevant to the National Curriculum and encourages students to expand their learning in a fun and exciting environment. The workbooks are free of charge and differentiated for GCSE and AS/A2 students.