Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Geology Field Studies in Barcelona Spain

Field study sites ideal for geology teaching and assessment are located very close to our accommodation base in Sitges and some of the most spectacular geological formations in Europe are found within a relatively short drive. These include the salt mountain at Cardona and the three thousand dinosaur fossil footprints at Fumanya.

Titanosaur dinosaur trackways at Fumanya
Panoramic view of the titanosaur dinosaur trackways at Fumanya

The Fumanya tracksites are among the most important Cretaceous dinosaur track localities in the world. These sites have remained largely unstudied until 15 years after their discovery. They provide an exceptional record of titanosaur ichnology with nearly 3,000 footprints arranged in more than 50 trackways. The study of the Fumanya sites is providing further refinements on titanosaur track morphology, stance, gauge and locomotion.