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Aerial map overlays showing Riera de Ribes Rocamar (Site 2) changes since 1945

Riera de Ribes Rocamar 2016 2016
Riera de Ribes Rocamar 1945-6 1945-6

Source: Fotoplànols de ciutats catalanes (1945-1966), Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya
Co-ordinates: Lat 41.2338398 N Long 1.7839683 E

These overlays show the evolution of the Rocamar urbanisation adjacent to the Riera de Ribes since 1945. This urbanisation is south of Sant Pere de Ribes, and is our fieldwork Site 2 along the river.

This tool is based on photogrammetric flights carried out by the Air Force of the United States, 1945 and 1956 (copyright US ARMY Map Service, provided by the Ministry of Defense (CECAF / CEGET) in collaboration with the Spanish Air Force) and the current image made by the ICC and Geological Survey of Catalonia (now reusable under licence CC-BY).

Riera de Ribes Site 1 Changes 1945-2016

Eye of Time: Riera de Ribes Rocamar Urbanisation