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Malawi Fieldwork

We are offering geography fieldwork courses in Malawi in 2016. The former colonial capital of Zomba will form the accommodation base and main working location. Field studies will include the development of an urban land use model for Zomba and an investigation of Zomba town planning and management issues. Visits will include a United Nations Millennium Development Village, a safari lodge in Liwonde National Park, and a local school and orphanage. We will be working with the active support of Zomba City Council, University of Malawi (Chancellor College), and the Responsible Safari Company (based in Blantyre, Malawi).

The course is aimed at A level and GCSE Geography students and their teachers, and those involved in community work and service projects as part of their programme of studies.

School group visits and familiarisation visits for teachers are planned with first UK departure on 23 July 2016. Malawi Field Visit 2016
Geography Field Studies, Malawi

Fieldwork Packages

Field study courses can be tailored to your individual needs. To help you with your planning, we have provided a link to our most popular and successful geography fieldwork studies.Geography fieldwork

Edexcel GCE

Field studies support the Crowded Coasts, Extreme Weather, Unequal Spaces and Rebranding Places units of the Edexcel Geography GCE examination.
Crowded Coasts fieldwork options include coping with pressure, increasing risks and coastal management. Rebranding Places field studies cover both urban and rural rebranding strategies and management. Field study updates


We offer a variety of accommodation options for groups attending our field study courses. The Artur Martorell Rural Lodge in Calafell has purpose-built facilities and accommodation for educational study group and lies at the lower end of the budget range. Many groups prefer hotel accommodation, and the Hotel Piccadilly located in Sitges, one of Spain's most attractive, cosmopolitan and prestigious resorts, is a very popular choice. Accommodation
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Who are we?

Barcelona Field Studies Centre offers fully inclusive Geography, Geology, Biology, Ecology, Environmental and Tourism field study courses to U.K. and International schools and colleges throughout the year in an outstanding geographical environment. Fieldwork in Barcelona

Why Barcelona?

The Barcelona area offers a range of settings for geography fieldwork unrivalled in Europe. The city of Barcelona presents a fascinating case study of many of the major themes of urban growth and development. Field studies in the unspoiled National Parks that surround the city include coastal management, river processes, dune ecosystems, limestone and volcanic landscapes. Field Study Centre information

Barcelona Fieldwork Blog

A group of 'O' Level Geography students from a leading Singapore school has recently stayed with us and maintained a 'Humanities Learning Journey' blog. Field studies included Sitges coastal management, source to mouth changes along the River Tordera, woodland productivity at Mas Mel and the volcanic landforms of Garrotxa. Barcelona Fieldwork Blog