Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Risk Assessments: Hotel Arcadia

The hotel is located 100 metres from the sea. The beach has 'Blue Flag' status, shelving gently. It is monitored by lifeguards during the summer season only (July and August).

The hotel rooms are accessed through reception, manned 24 hours a day. The hotel meets all relevant fire, health and safety regulations.

Balcony terraces and the consumption of alcohol form the greatest potential risks.

Sitges is a quiet mainly family-orientated resort, but can become lively at the weekends and during the summer.




Hazard Likelihood Severity Risk Management
Risk of fire in the hotel 1 5 5 Students to be made aware of hotel emergency procedures, fire escape routes and exits. There may be a practice fire drill.

British electrical appliances, e.g. hairdryers, must only be used with approved plug adaptors.

No smoking in hotel rooms.

Risk of drowning 1 5 5 Swimming in the sea may only be undertaken with the permission of the group leader and in the presence of requisite staff.
Risks associated with being unsupervised in rooms and around hotel corridors and lounge areas 4 2 8 Students will be reminded about expectations regarding behaviour in and around hotel.

Students will not be allowed to invite 'guests' from outside the party back to the hotel. They will be refused entry.

Any damage to hotel furnishings or fittings must be reported immediately to a member of staff and then to hotel management.

Staff rooms will be dispersed among those of students to ensure broadest monitoring and availability in an emergency.

All rooms to be allocated on one floor if at all possible.

Staff will enforce agreed 'bedtimes' and ensure that students are settled when lights go out.

Risks during 'free time' in Sitges 3 2 6 Staff will accompany students into appropriate selected venues for 'free time'.

Students warned to be vigilant on roads.

Clear 'ground rules' will be set on expectations regarding behaviour and consumption of alcohol. The legal age for purchasing alcoholic drinks is 18.

Girls in particular to be advised on how to deal with unwanted attention in the street or on the beach.

Students advised to wear appropriate dress and to avoid drawing unwanted attention to themselves by their behaviour.

Risk of minor injury e.g. twisting ankles, scratches from vegetation and insect bites.

Risk of falling from balconies 3 5 15 Clear 'ground rules' will be set on expectations regarding behaviour and consumption of alcohol. Students must not climb between balconies.

Hotel Arcadia