Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Edexcel Syllabus A Geography Coursework Guidance: Introduction and Aims

Introduction and aims (6 marks)

This section should:

a introduce the broad purpose of the study

b refer to the specific questions/problems/hypotheses being investigated

c identify the location of the investigation.



Level One

An outline of the purpose of the study and/or some of the aims. There is sufficient detail for the reader to know what the study is about, and where it is located, however the question or issue is only briefly identified. The sequence of work is uncertain.


Level Two

A clear statement of the broad purpose of the study, its aims and location. The question or issue is made clear and the sequence of work is identified.


Level Three

The broad purpose of the study, its aims and location are given in some detail. Questions and issues are thoroughly identified and an effective sequence of investigation is established. (This is particularly important where the investigation is based on group work.)