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Edexcel Syllabus A Geography Coursework Guidance: Analysis and Conclusions

Assessment Criterion 4 - Analysis and conclusions (15 marks)

This section should:

a describe what the data shows

b include analytical comments that relate the data to the original aim(s)

c identify, where appropriate, any links or relationships between different data sets

d where relevant, consider the values and attitudes of people involved

e return to the original aim(s), and consider to what extent the question has been answered, the problem solved or the hypothesis proved

f show an appreciation of the limitations of the study and suggest how it could be improved or taken further.


Level One

Makes statements describing the data. If relevant, there is some awareness of the different attitudes of some of the individuals and groups involved. There are some general concluding comments which have a link with the original aim(s).


Level Two

The data is described in detail, and at the upper end of this mark
range there is some genuinely analytical comment. If relevant, some links/relationships between data sets, and/or the different attitudes of many of the individuals or groups involved, are identified. Concluding comments derive from the data collected, and there may be some awareness of the inherent limitations of the study and/or suggestions for taking the study further.


Level Three

Data is analysed in detail, making links, where relevant, to appropriate geographical theory. If quantitative analysis is attempted, it is used accurately and appropriately. Identifies and shows relevance of any links/relationships between data sets and/or the attitudes and values of most of the parties involved. Draws sound conclusions, explicitly supported by evidence, clearly related to the objectives of the study. Shows an awareness that explanations may be incomplete, and suggests how the study could be improved/taken further.