Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Tourism Impact and Management Fieldwork

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Sitges and Calafell
Travel time: 15 minutes

This case study involves the comparison of two contrasting coastal resorts, Sitges and Calafell, and their strategies to compete against a decline in mass tourism.

Both resorts have historic cores and similar winter populations.

However, they show differences in their land use patterns,  range of tourist facilities and visitor profiles.

The study includes tourism impact, sustainable tourism management and land use modelling.

Comparisons are made between the built environments of the two resorts, the services they provide, the number and origins of visitors and their marketing strategies.

Isoline maps for each resort can be generated based upon sustainable tourism and visitor management index data.

Applying the Butler Model to Tourism in Sitges and Calafell

Retail and Services Interactive Map for Sitges

Retail and Services Interactive Map for Calafell

This fieldwork is supported with secondary data and takes a full day.