Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Ecosystem Fieldwork

Location Themes Features
Sand Dunes
Travel time: 30 minutes
Llobregat Delta
Sand dune vegetation succession study

Vegetation succession. Measurement of abiotic variables, distribution and abundance of plant species from pioneer zone to climax community.

The study includes a climax community problem-solving exercise. Option to consider modification of the coastal ecosystem by human activity.

Vegetation succession at the Llobregat Delta dunes
Mediterranean Woodland Productivity
Travel time: 20 minutes
Mediterranean woodland productivity study

Aspect, altitude, soil type and micro-climate and their effects on the structure, biomass and productivity of an Aleppo pine/Holm oak woodland.

The study can be developed to compare two Aleppo pine/Holm oak woodlands of different ages and focus on the effect of environmental factors and human activities in modifying succession.

All fieldwork is supported with secondary data. These fieldwork studies take a full day.