Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Unequal Spaces Fieldwork

The field studies below have been developed to support the Edexcel GCE 'Unequal Spaces' unit for first examination in 2009.

El Raval arial view
The Barcelona inner city location of El Raval

South El Raval: slum housing
South El Raval: slum housing

El Raval Fieldwork and Research Data 2008

El Raval North El Raval South
Residential quality¹ 45.5 16.6
Environmental quality¹ 75.5 40
Perceptions¹ +12 -31.5
Services of poverty¹ 4% 22%
Gentrification¹ 70% 10.5%
Index of family income
(Barcelona = 100)²
72.3 48.8
Life expectancy² 75.3 70.68
University educated² 15% 8%
¹Source: student fieldwork
²Source: Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya

a) Comment on how well this information shows the inequalities of living in North and South El Raval. (10)

(b) With reference to one or more urban areas, examine the impacts of deprivation on people’s lives. (10)

(c) Describe the results of your fieldwork and research into how to reduce urban inequality, and explain how these help you to judge the success of the schemes involved. (15)

El Raval protest poster El Raval luxury hotel
El Raval protest poster New luxury hotel located in South El Raval


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