Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Industry Fieldwork

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Barcelona Industry
Travel time: 1½ hours
Zona Franca
Zona Franca
Zona Franca Logistics Park
Logistics Park
22@ district: Torre Agbar
22@ district: Torre Agbar
Autonomous University of Barcelona Department of Artificial Intelligence Research
University Department of Artificial Intelligence Research

This study day examines a variety of ways in which Barcelona is recovering its leading role as a magnet for foreign direct investment and as Spain’s industrial powerhouse.

Visits can be made to Zona Franca, Logistics Park, Parc Tecnològic del Vallès (Science Park of El Vallès), the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the inner city 22@ district.

Contrasts are made between these different industrial zones, and their importance to the Catalan and Spanish economy analysed.

The day may include a factory visit, e.g. the SEAT car plant near Barcelona.


Zona Franca is the largest and most active industrial estate in Spain and one of the most dynamic in Europe. The industrial estate is undergoing major transformation with various new infrastructure projects being developed.

Parc Tecnològic del Vallès caters for, and 'incubates' businesses and institutions that work in the field of the new technologies. The nearby Autonomous University of Barcelona specialises in turning out students with applied science skills and the government has invested heavily in support infrastructure. The university is the site of southern Europe's new generation synchrotron.
Barcelona's high-tech cluster

The 22@ project involves the conversion of an old inner city manufacturing zone into a district specialising in new technologies.

This fieldwork study is supported with secondary data and takes a full day.