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Eduqas GCSE Geography Fieldwork Syllabuses A and B

Eduqas GCSE Geography A and Geography B have the same approach to fieldwork. Fieldwork is assessed in Component 3 'Applied Fieldwork Enquiry'.

The examination is in three parts. Part A will assess approaches to fieldwork methodology, representation and analysis. Part B will assess how fieldwork enquiry may be used to investigate geography's conceptual frameworks. Part C will assess the application of broad geographical concepts to a wider UK context and assess the ability to make and justify a decision.

Students are expected to undertake two fieldwork enquiries, each in a contrasting environment:

1. A methodological approach should be taken in one environment.

2. The second fieldwork experience should take place in a contrasting environment. The focus of the fieldwork enquiry should be into one of geography's conceptual frameworks.

WJEC selects the methodological approach and conceptual framework for each cycle and notifies teachers of the two approaches at least two years in advance. The possible approaches are:

Methodological approaches

  • Use of transects
  • Change over time
  • Qualitative surveys
  • Geographical flows

Conceptual frameworks

  • Place
  • Sphere of influence
  • Cycles and flows
  • Mitigating risk
  • Sustainability
  • Inequality

Barcelona Field Studies Centre has a wide range of fieldwork studies in physical and human environments which meet the requirements of all methodological approaches and conceptual frameworks. For further information, see our Field Study Options menu.

All fieldwork studies are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the specification. Students will have opportunity to carry out all stages of the enquiry process when conducting fieldwork.

Please contact us to discuss a programme which will meet the fieldwork requirements of Eduqas Geography A and B for the selected topics in any given year.

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