Barcelona Field Studies Centre

UK GCSE Geography Fieldwork Curriculum Requirements Overview

The UK GCSE Geography Fieldwork Curriculum requires:

  • Different approaches to fieldwork undertaken in at least two contrasting environments.
  • Fieldwork overall should include exploration of physical and human processes and the interactions between them and should involve the collection of primary physical and human data.
  • Data should include both qualitative and quantitative elements and from both primary and secondary sources.
  • Fieldwork will be assessed through examination only.
  • Fieldwork is an essential aspect of geography which ensures that young people are given the opportunity to consolidate and extend their achievement by relating learning to real experiences of the world. Specifications require that fieldwork is carried out, outside the classroom and school grounds, on at least two occasions.

    Fieldwork undertaken at Barcelona Field Studies Centre can be applied in the fieldwork section of the GCSE exams set by Edexcel and Eduqas. For AQA and OCR specifications, fieldwork will help to develop the skills of students, but will not be applicable in the fieldwork section of their exams, as it is not undertaken in the UK.

    While the UK Geography GCSE Curriculum has a focus on the study of the geography within the UK, fieldwork undertaken in Barcelona will develop and enrich students' physical, human and environmental knowledge and the content will be applicable to UK contexts.

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