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An Inconvenient Truth

Bottled Water: Who Needs It?

China spends big to counter severe weather caused by climate change

Climate change and crops: hindering harvests

Electric cars pose 'environmental threat'

Global warming: how green zealots are destroying the planet

Greenhouses lower temperatures in Almería

Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows

Imaginary exchange goes poof

London's relentless dip

Lord Stern launches world's first carbon rating agency

Linguist on mission to save Inuit 'fossil language' disappearing with the ice

Maldives: Paradise soon to be lost

Maldives' president all wet on sea level

Nissan turns over a new Leaf with a zero-emission family hatchback

Past climate anomalies explained

Pause in Arctic's melting trend

Roman rise and fall 'recorded in trees'

'Scary' climate message from past

Scientists in stolen e-mail scandal hid climate data

Sea engulfing Alaskan village

Skyrocketing corn prices hit ethanol profits

Southern Spain 'dust bowl' threat

Spain's gain from wind power

Study forecasts 9m sea-level rise if temperatures meet 2C threshold

There IS a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998

They must be barking

UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article

What happened to global warming?