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Adoption of genetically modified crops

Brazil's success in agriculture

British supermarkets are contributing to global drought

Climate change and crops: hindering harvests

Climate of change troubles UK farms

Computing power aids India's milk farmers

Cost of food

Cows can fly upper class on common agricultural fare

Egypt and Tunisia usher in the new era of global food revolutions

EU farm subsidies: crazy cows

EU wine crisis

EU wine lakes set to be drained

Fair Trade

Food speculation: 'People die from hunger while banks make a killing'

Free Trade leaves world food in grip of global giants

Greenhouses lower temperatures in Almería

Hedge funds accused of gambling with lives of the poorest as food prices soar

Kenya's flower farms flourish

Malthus provides food for thought as world's appetite builds

Moosters' millions

Poisoned dream

Right to Roam

Skyrocketing corn prices hit ethanol profits

Spain's salad growers are modern-day slaves, say charities

Spain's three billion litre wine lake

Spanish farmers hit by desert growth

UK flowers empty Kenya's rivers

Unilever chief warns over global crisis in food output

What the Green Movement Got Wrong