Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Geography Fieldwork Itinerary Example (Ages 14-16)

Day Location Topic/Theme
Monday Barcelona (a) Characteristics of the Barcelona inner-city area: continuity and change.
(b) Inner-City redevelopment: Olympic Village & Port.
(c) The origins of Barcelona.
Tuesday Garrotxa Volcanic Park (a) Identify & interpret the main natural and human features of the landscape; the effects of volcanic activity upon the natural and human landscape.
(b) Identify and classify the different types of volcanic rocks.
(c) Form hypotheses about the formation of a volcano from evidence collected.
Students will visit the inside of a volcano, examine a volcano restoration scheme, and visit the large crater of the Santa Margarida cone.
Wednesday Either
El Collsacabra
(Riera de las Gorgues)

River Ripoll


(a) Examine a succession of spectacular waterfalls, gorges and rapids and form hypotheses regarding the processes leading to their formation.

(b) A river study from source to mouth, including changing spring locations, river erosion features (e.g. cut-off meanders), river deposition features, use of the river for energy, canalisation, and water treatment.

Thursday Barcelona (morning) The impact of Gaudi upon Barcelona, including:
(a) Sagrada Familia (Cathedral);
(b) La Pedrera (architecture);
(c) Parc G├╝ell.
Sitges (afternoon)

(a) Identification of the former fishing village 'core';
(b) Tourist function; impact of tourism.

Friday Delta de l'Ebre

(a) Delta formation
(b) Rice - field ecosystem
Other Delta Options:
- River boat trip
- Settlement locations e.g. river meander location (Flix)
- Decenso de Barrancos (descending gorges and waterfalls with the Turisport Activity Centre)
- a guided tour of the Delta by bicycle