Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Geography Fieldwork Itinerary Example (7 full days)

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Day 1 Arrival Orientation tour of Barcelona (coach) followed by hotel transfer Introduction to the course

20.00 Evening meal

Day 2 08.00 Breakfast

09.00 Sant Pere de Ribes

Flash flooding and river management.

The effects of human activity on the storm hydrograph

Channel morphology: the factors affecting channel efficiency

14.00 Return to hotel

16.30 Classroom follow-up


20.00 Evening meal

Classroom follow-up

Day 3

08.00 Breakfast

08.30 Depart for Garrotxa Volcanic Park

10.30 Plate tectonics and volcanic activity: destructive margin, constructive margin or hot spot?  Nature of different volcanic eruptions. Effects of the eruptions.

13.00 Vegetation changes on the crater wall of the Santa Margarida volcano: Brown earths, gleys and podsols.

15.30 Walk to Santa Pau through a variety of volcanic landscapes

17.30 Departure

19.30 Arrive at hotel

20.00 Evening meal

Follow-up work

Day 4 Breakfast 08.00

09.00 Depart for Barcelona
Cerdà's l'Eixample: differences in quality of life; effects of the ProEixample regeneration schemes.

Applying models of urban structure: Hoyt and Burgess


The impact of the 1992 Olympics and planning for the compact city. Data can be collected to contrast the social, economic and environmental characteristics of  two contrasting areas of the Poble Nou (Olympic Village) district which is being developed  as a new high-tech incubator/hyper-community zone but which bears  the very visible scars of recent deindustrialisation.

Footballers could  remain in the city for the match.

19.00 Football Match

Dinner in Barcelona or cold buffet on return


Classroom follow-up

Day 5 08.00 Breakfast

09.00 The social, economic and environmental impact of urban regeneration initiatives: El Raval, Barcelona

How successful have the initiatives been?

The reasons for and the effects of gentrification

17.00 Return to hotel

18.30 Arrive at hotel


20.00 Evening meal


Classroom follow-up

Day 6


Breakfast 08.00

Depart 09.00

Rural Depopulation: Les Garrigues.

A comparison of 4 contrasting settlements, each revealing different social, economic or environmental effects of out-migration.

Linking census data within the follow-up session. Development of models of sustainable rural development based upon an analysis of data collected during the day.

20.00 Evening Meal

Day 7 08.00 Breakfast

09.00 A TNC in Spain: the social and economic impact. Led by John Barrass (editor 'Barcelona Business'

Afternoon may include a factory visit and/or a tour of the Zona Franca tax-free industrial area.

Free time for shopping?

20.00 Evening meal

09.00 Evening excursion: Maremagnum Entertainment Complex, Barcelona

01.00 Return to hotel

Day 8

Breakfast 08.00

Depart 09.00

Sand dunes Llobregat Delta

(vegetation succession/management)

Start 9.00 Finish 14.30


Garraf Natural Park: Park management issues, particularly  the effects of fire on vegetation. A comparison between 3 sites with differing burn histories and the climax vegetation for the area

Start 9.00 Finish 15.00

Return 15.30 - arrival at hotel 15.15

18.00 Follow-up work

Dinner 20.00

Work continuation after dinner



Day 9 08.00 Breakfast