Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Geography Fieldwork Itinerary Example (4 full days)

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Day 1 Arrival Orientation tour of Barcelona (coach) followed by hotel transfer Introduction to the course

20.00 Evening meal

Day 2

08.00 Breakfast

09.00 Sant Pere de Ribes

Flash flooding and river management.

The effects of human activity on the storm hydrograph

Channel morphology: the factors affecting channel efficiency

14.00 Return to hotel

16.30 Classroom follow-up

20.00 Evening meal

Classroom follow-up

Day 3


Breakfast 08.00

Depart 09.00

Rural Depopulation: Les Garrigues.

A comparison of 4 contrasting settlements, each revealing different social, economic or environmental effects of out-migration.

Linking census data within the follow-up session. Development of models of sustainable rural development based upon an analysis of data collected during the day.

20.00 Evening Meal


Day 4

Breakfast 08.00

Depart 09.00

Sand dunes Llobregat Delta

(vegetation succession/management)

Start 9.00 Finish 14.30


Garraf Natural Park: Park management issues, particularly  the effects of fire on vegetation. A comparison between 3 sites with differing burn histories and the climax vegetation for the area,


1. Rendzina soil study on a limestone slope

2. Mediterranean xerophytic adaptations

3. Park management issues and simulation exercise

Start 9.00 Finish 15.00

Return 15.30 - arrival at hotel 15.15

18.00 Follow-up work

Dinner 20.00

Work continuation after dinner



Day 5 08.00 Breakfast

09.00 The social, economic and environmental impact of urban regeneration initiatives: El Raval, Barcelona

How successful have the initiatives been?

The reasons for and the effects of gentrification

17.00 Return to hotel

18.30 Arrive at hotel


20.00 Evening meal


Classroom follow-up

Day 6 08.00 Breakfast

Morning sightseeing.

Afternoon: departure