Barcelona Field Studies Centre

General health and safety advice for your stay in Barcelona

Health and Safety

  • Please discourage students from bringing flip-flop footwear. This offers no protection from broken glass or other discarded sharp objects.
  • Our courses are intensive, and with the change of diet and routine, students with specific medical requirements, e.g. self-managing diabetics, need to be particularly careful in monitoring their condition during their stay.
  • Try and structure the students' free time as much as possible. If you allow students to leave the hotel after work in the evening, organise a signing-out book.
  • Everyone in the group is entitled to a good night's sleep and students should be given a time for 'lights out' at night and encouraged to honour this. This helps to ensure everyone is fresh in the morning. Accidents are more likely to happen when students and staff are tired and stressed.
  • A 'no smoking' policy for the hotel bedrooms and balconies is recommended.

Student Behaviour

  • Try and keep a tight control on student alcohol intake. The legal age limit in Catalonia for the purchase and consumption of alcohol in public places is 18 years. We recommend that you have a 'no-alcohol' policy with a possible exception made for a end-of-course meal in Sitges, where the restaurant staff will provide strong support in discouraging 'binge-drinking'.
  • Please encourage students to be punctual.
  • Maintaining a system that ensures students honour the 'lights out' time at night enables everyone to get the sleep to which they are entitled.  See 'Health and Safety' section above.
  • It is important that students respect the needs of other guests staying in the hotel. The slamming of doors, shouting in the corridors and between balconies tend to quickly generate complaints and we would recommend that you advise the group about this prior to arrival. Maintaining a 'no visitors' rule for hotel bedrooms helps to significantly reduce noise levels. Students are able to socialise in the hotel lounge and bar area.