Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Emergency Contact Information

To be completed before the visit. Copies to be held by the group leader and school.

1. School/group name:

2. Name of group leader: Home Phone No:
3. Visit departure date:
4. Return information: Date: Time: Location:
5. Group: Total Number: Adults: Group Members:

6. Contact list. Do you have an emergency contact list for everyone in the Group? YES/NO

(If no, obtain one. If yes, attach it to this sheet.)

7. Emergency contact information:

a. During school hours
Head Teacher: Tel:
Deputy/other: Tel:
b. Out of school hours:
Head Teacher: Tel:
Deputy/other: Tel:
Travel Company:
Name/Address: Tel: Fax:
Insurance/Emergency Assistance: Tel: Fax:



Tel: Fax:

Hotel contact:
Other emergency numbers: