Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Fieldwork Code of Practice


We are committed to ensuring high quality fieldwork experiences for all through:

  • Careful and imaginative planning;
  • thorough preparation, including:

    • exploratory pre-visits
    • briefing of all participants
    • use of appropriate, sufficient and well-maintained equipment;

  • responsible conduct of the fieldwork;
  • productive follow-up of the experience;
  • thorough post-fieldwork review...

... to create a purposeful, enjoyable experience through which learning becomes fun.


We recognise that safety is the responsibility of everyone, and that we must act responsibly towards:

  • ourselves;
  • people in our care;
  • people caring for us;
  • equipment and its use;
  • parents and guardians;
  • institutions and organisations with whom we deal...

... to ensure a safe and enjoyable fieldwork experience.


We recognise that we are all agents of change. As well as developing a respect for environments, we will take responsibility for our actions and their impact on:

  • those we influence;
  • the immediate environment;
  • those who live or work in the area;
  • those who own land/resources in the area;
  • the wider world;
  • those who have worked here before us;
  • those who come after us.

... to ensure that we maintain, and enhance if we can, the diversity of environments for future generations.

In short ... we accept the role of being 'in loco parentis' with all its implications for our pupils' education, safety and future well-being in the best quality environment we can attain.