Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Travel Advice for your Field Studies Visit


Responsibilities of party organisers and leaders

The party organiser is responsible for the completion of passport formalities and any other personal arrangements which may be necessary such as visa, currency and medical requirements.

The party organiser is also responsible for ensuring that the party reaches the starting point of the tour at the correct time.

School and Youth Parties

Your final itinerary will include the telephone number of your accommodation.

It is the responsibility of the party leader to supply this information to all parents prior to your departure so that they can contact their children in the case of an emergency.


Passport and visa advice can be found at:

  • Youth Group Passports (UK groups only)

On request a copy of the UK Passport Agency’s notes for guidance relating to United Kingdom Collective Passports will be sent to you with your booking confirmation.

Students and staff who are not British Nationals will require full passports and may require visas/transit visas for which the individual is responsible and must apply. We recommend that applications are made at least 3 months prior to departure to the relevant embassies in this country.

The collective passport is NOT valid for tours to Poland. For tours to this destination all children will require a passport valid for six months after the date of return.

  • Adult group Passports

All adult parties travelling outside the UK will require a 10 year passport, valid for at least six months AFTER THE DATE OF RETURN.

As with youth groups, non-British citizens may require visas/transit visas, depending on nationality and destination.

Health Matters

We strongly advise all party leaders to refer to the Department of Health leaflet before undertaking your tour.  Current information can be found on: and Health advice for travellers.

This will give pertinent information concerning vaccination, insurance, emergency treatment abroad and how to obtain an European Health Insurance Card (E.H.I.C.).

If you have any specific questions please consult your doctor before travelling.

Travel Advice

Please refer to for any information regarding your destination of travel.