Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation: are students and teachers accommodated together on the same hotel floor?

Accommodation: can we have accommodation close to the centre of Barcelona?

Accommodation: we prefer accommodation that is close to your field study sites.

Airline bookings: do you do these?

Airline failure: how can I protect against this?

Airport arrival: what are the airport arrival arrangements?

Booking dates: how does your system work?

Booking and reserving dates: when do we need to pay?

Costs: can you separate the transport and accommodation costs on your invoicing?

Costs: does the cost include all the transport once we have arrived at the airport?

Courses: what type of courses do you run?

Equipment: Do you provide equipment for a group to undertake their own fieldwork?

Fieldwork: can we book a field study where we arrange our own accommodation and transport?

Fieldwork: please confirm that we will have male members of staff from the Centre present during our fieldwork?

Flight booking: what happens if the flight is full before we have booked all our seats?

Flight cancellation: do you provide assistance if our flight home is unexpectedly cancelled?

Flight late departure - what can we do with our luggage?

Hotel room distribution: when do we receive this?

Hotel rules: an 'open credit card deposit' is often required on arrival. How does this work?

ICT facilities: what is available?

Individual students: can I book as an individual?

Insurance: what insurance do you hold?

Luggage: on arrival, could our bags be delivered to the hotel while we stay in the city?

Meals: is there flexibility?

Office location: where is your office located?

Prices: does the price include all the transport once we have arrived at the airport?

Refunds: a student has withdrawn from the trip. Can she be refunded?

Refunds: do you refund if flights are disrupted due to a travel emergency?

Security of funds: what are your bonding arrangements?

Tap water - is it safe to drink?

Towels - are these provided?

Trains into Barcelona and the airport: which stations should I use?

Transport: Do you provide transport for a group to undertake their own fieldwork?

Travel insurance - is this included?

Visas - how long do I have to wait for my Spanish Visa to be processed?