Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Choice of Residential Field Study Courses

We offer three residential field study course options:

  • Centre-Taught Courses: Led by Barcelona Field Studies Centre staff with specialist knowledge and fieldwork expertise who, after prior negotiation of course content, take full responsibility for teaching the course. Your active involvement is strongly encouraged, whether in contributing to the teaching, supervising and assisting the students or in allocating students and staff to the most appropriate small working group. The evening follow-up session is normally between 18.00 and 20.00. The briefing for the following day's fieldwork can be undertaken at the end of this session to allow a prompt start in the morning.

  • Centre-Assisted Courses: Tuition is shared between Barcelona Field Studies Centre teaching staff and you. The programme is normally designed and led by you with a Barcelona Field Studies Centre member of staff assisting during the work in the field. You would normally give your group their pre-fieldwork briefing and teach the evening session, if required, yourself. All the facilities of the Centre are available to the group for the duration of the stay. This includes fieldwork equipment and Health and Safety advice. Groups choosing this option should ideally have familiarity with the field study sites. Inspection visits are provided free.

  • Centre-Taught Light Courses: As for the Centre-Taught courses, but with a less intensive evening follow-up. The evening follow-up session lasts an hour, normally between 19.00 and 20.00 followed by dinner. The briefing for the following day is normally included within the pre-dinner session.

All options include the provision and use of fieldwork equipment and health and safety advice.

The environment in which we work is unsurpassed for the range of field study opportunities available and programmes can be arranged which complement the work undertaken in the classroom and which meet the demands of the curriculum at all levels.

Length of Course

Courses vary from one to eight full days. Longer stays are possible upon request.