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Emergency Procedures

Teachers in charge of pupils during a visit have a duty of care to make sure that the pupils are safe and healthy. They also have a common law duty to act as a reasonably prudent parent would. Teachers should not hesitate to act in an emergency and to take life-saving action in an extreme situation.

If an accident happens, the priorities are to:

  • assess the situation;

  • safeguard the uninjured members of the group;

  • attend to the casualty;

  • inform the emergency services and everyone who needs to know of the incident.

Emergency procedures framework

If an emergency occurs on a school visit the main factors to consider include:

  • establish the nature and extent of the emergency as quickly as possible;

  • ensure that all the group are safe and looked after;

  • establish the names of any casualties and get immediate medical attention for them;

  • ensure that all group members who need to know are aware of the incident and that all group members are following the emergency procedures;

  • ensure that a teacher accompanies casualties to hospital and that the rest of the group are adequately supervised at all times and kept together;

  • notify the police if necessary;

  • notify the British Embassy/Consulate;

  • inform the school contact. The school contact number should be accessible at all times during the visit; details of the incident to pass on to the school should include: nature, date and time of incident; location of incident; names of casualties and details of their injuries; names of others involved so that parents can be reassured; action taken so far; action yet to be taken (and by whom);

  • notify insurers, especially if medical assistance is required (this may be done by the school contact);

  • ascertain telephone numbers for future calls;

  • write down accurately and as soon as possible all relevant facts and witness details and preserve any vital evidence;

  • keep a written account of all events, times and contacts after the incident;

  • complete an accident report form as soon as possible;

  • no-one in the group should speak to the media.

All adults in the group should know how to contact the emergency services in Catalonia. These are:

General information number: 012

(All services) 112

Security services:
Tourist assistance +34 93 423 18 00
Municipal police 092
National police 091
Fire brigade 080

Medical emergencies:
Emergencies 061
Ambulances +34 93 329 97 01 / +34 93 300 20 20
Hospitals +34 93 454 60 00 / +34 93 418 34 00
Dental emergencies +34 93 415 99 22
All-night chemist's 010


Hospital Residència Sant Camil Carretera de Puigmoltó km 0.8 08810 Sant Pere de Ribes Tel. 93 896 00 25

British Consulate
Av. Diagonal, 477, 1er. Tel. +34 93 419 90 44

Five Essential Phrases

Ayúdame. Help me.
¿Me puede ayudar? Can you help me?
Necesito ayuda. I need help.
Estoy en peligro. I’m in danger.
Es una emergencia. It’s an emergency.
Necesito una ambulancia I need an ambulance

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