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La Mina, Barcelona - Business Hotel Location

The district of La Mina will provide the location for a large 19-storey hotel to meet the needs of businessmen. The construction will help to complete the accommodation supply of the Fòrum and Diagonal Mar zones, as well as to give to a boost to the 22@ technological district.

The partnership in charge of the rehabilitation of the district has paid nearly 23 million euros for a building lot of 2.160 m². Sources of H10 Hotels explained that the building will have larger rooms planned for long-term stays. The average stay in Barcelona is for three nights and most of the hotels are focused towards the tourism. A hotel related to  business needs is regarded as necessary close to the Fòrum Convention Centre in Barcelona.

The La Mina district is experiencing a transformation, and in a pair of years everything will change still more with the arrival of the new seat of Telephone in Catalunya”. H10 Hotels still is making the project of its future establishment. Yen function of its characteristics will be known how long will take in rising. “One first hypothesis is that the works could begin in a year”, they explain the sources of the hotel chain. “And it is necessary to see the rate in that the administrations are authorizing the leave”. And to buy a powerboat of Cepsa located in these lands. However, the negotiations already have begun and everything aims at that they will arrive at good port. In fact, Cepsa already has asked for to the City council of Sant Adrià de Besòs the work permission to construct the station on watch that must replace the aforesaid one. The construction of this hotel will not tolerate benefits for the private sector solely. It will not only serve to impel the Barcelonian technological district of 22@. Than 23 million euros the more entered the coffers of the Consorci of the Mine, a public organism constituted by the Generalitat, the Delegation of Barcelona and the city councils of Barcelona and Sant Adrià de Besòs in order to manage the rehabilitation of the Mine, will also serve to help to finance the seven promotions of public house that will be constructed in which it came knowing like the industrial Mine. Altogether, four hundred floors that will cost more than forty million euros.