Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Sitges: Effects of Tourism

Effects on different groups of people

Groups that benefit

• Businesses and workers linked directly or indirectly to tourism.

• Cultural groups that receive government support and funding.

• Tour operators.

• Local Council and government who benefit from taxes paid.

• Conservationists. Some buildings are preserved as tourist attractions.

• Local residents who benefit from the wider range of services supported by tourism.

• Beach replenishment company.

Groups that do not benefit

• The majority of people not employed in the tourism industry many of whom see it as a curse rather than a blessing.

• Environmentalists. Tourist developments destroy not only the beauty of the site but enable far greater numbers of visitors, which would increase the physical impact on the environment. Tourist trampling erodes footpaths and reduces biodiversity.

• Conservationists. Poorly planned tourist developments can destroy buildings of historic/cultural value.

• Workers unemployed in the winter season.

• Businesses located next to beaches that have lost their sand have lost many customers.