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Geography Data Presentation Techniques and Methods

Many of the most appropriate types of data presentation techniques used to visualise raw geographical data are shown on this page. We provide the tools to create and save the images shown and these are quick and easy to use, free with no account or log-in required.

Besides creating images, the geography data presentation tools have many mathematical functions. These include the calculation of cross sectional area for beach profiles and river cross sections, trend lines for scatter graphs and standard deviation for box plots.

Simply open the calculator for your chosen technique, enter your data, adjust titles and data labels. An image of your data presentation and the calculations used to create it are then instantly ready for download.

3-Dimensional Charts

3-Dimensional Chart 3-Dimensional Chart with coloured background Rotation to inspect points from different angles

Bar Charts

Vertical Bar Chart Vertical Bar Chart Vertical Bar Chart with Labels Inside

Horizontal Bar Chart Horizontal Bar Chart

Percentage or Divided Bar Charts

Percentage Vertical Bar Chart Divided Vertical Bar Chart Percentage Horizontal Bar Chart

Divided Horizontal Bar Chart

Stacked Bar Charts

Vertical Stacked Bar Chart Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart

Min-Max Range
Floating Bar Charts

Min-Max Range Floating Bar Chart Min-Max Range Floating Horizontal Bar Chart

Beach Profiles
(using slope angle data)

Beach Profile using slope angle data Create beach profile images, calculate beach horizontal and surface widths, cross sectional areas and beach volume.

Beach Profiles
(using height change data)

Beach Profile using height change data

Beach Profiles
(using absolute height data)

Beach Profile using absolute height data


BiHistogram with Labels BiHistogram No Labels Horizontal BiHistogram

Bi-Polar Charts

Bi-Polar Chart - horizontal Bi-Polar Chart - vertical

Box Plots or box and whisker charts (Horizontal)

Annotated Box Plot Box Plots Data Sets 1 and 2

Box Plots (Vertical)

Box Plots Vertical Data Sets 1 and 2

Box Plots (Outliers)

Box Plots Data Set 2 Outliers

Box Plots (Mean and Standard Deviation)

Box Plots Data Set 2 (Mean and Standard Deviation)

Cumulative Frequency Chart

Cumulative Percentage Frequency

Donut (Doughnut) Charts

Donut Chart Donut Chart Exploded Sector


Horizontal Histogram Vertical Histogram with Labels Vertical Histogram No Labels

Kite Diagrams
(Any Data Entities)

Kite Diagram - Any Data Entities

Kite Diagrams
(Species Abundance)

Kite Diagram Species Abundance

Line Charts

Line Chart Cumulative Frequency Line Chart

Line of Best Fit

Line of Best Fit

Map Cross Sections

Map Cross Section

Pie Charts

Pie Chart Pie Chart Exploded Sector

Polar Area Charts

Polar Area Chart

Polar Charts

Polar Chart Example

Polar Chart Overlays

Polar Chart Overlays Example

Polar Scatter Charts

Polar Scatter Chart - Pebble Long Axis Orientation Polar Scatter Chart

Proportional Circles Chart

Proportional Circles Chart

Radar Charts

Radar Chart Radar Compass Chart

Radar Chart Overlays

Radar Chart Overlays

River Cross Sections

River Cross Section Braided River Cross Section
Create a river cross section image, calculate the cross sectional area, wetted perimeter and hydraulic radius.

Rose Diagrams

Rose Diagram

Sand Dune Profiles
(using slope angle data)

Sand Dune Profile

Scatter Graphs

Scatter Graph

Slope Profiles
(using slope angle data)

Slope Profile

Trend Line

Trend Line

Triangular Graphs

Triangular Graph

Word Clouds

Word Cloud