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Kite Diagrams or Chart Maker for any Data Entity

This Kite Diagrams or Chart Maker displays changes in frequency and distribution for data entities across all sampling points on a transect line. The frequency is shown by shaded areas, sized by value, to make it easy to identify spatial change and the relationships between different observations.

Kite diagrams can be used in fieldwork to display changes in distribution and frequency of many data entities that have a distance or time dimension. Examples of data entities include:

  • population age or gender;
  • land use values along a coastline or across an urban area;
  • the risk of coastal or river flooding;
  • the risk of crime;
  • bedload size along a river channel;
  • the effects of CBD redevelopment;
  • litter categories across a park or beach;
  • residential or environmental quality along an urban transect;
  • perceptions of a retail environment, urban area or urban rebranding.

Flow diagrams, for example for traffic and pedestrian counts, can be made using the rounded line kite diagrams option.

Enter your data entity raw values and number of transect sampling points in the calculator below. Select the type of kite diagrams required (straight or rounded lines) and click the 'Calculate' button to make the kites. The 'Open Kite Diagrams' button will open the kites in a new window. Hover over the kite images to display the data. An image of the kite diagrams may be saved using the 'Download Image' button at the top of the page. The data used to construct them are displayed with the 'Print Data' button.

The kite diagrams display percentages by default with the automatic percentage conversion of raw data. Each data entity totals 100% across the transect. There is an option to display the kite diagrams using raw data, with data entity Y-Axes left unscaled or scaled to the maximum range. Transect distance data are validated for cumulative accuracy.

Each data entity may be individually labelled with the 'Label Entities' options button. The 'Customise' button opens options to remove Y-axis labels, scale raw data and customise the kite diagrams title, x-axis title, x-axis minimum-maximum range and kite colours.

Kite Diagrams Maker For Any Data Entity

Make kite diagrams to display changes in frequency and distribution for any data entity along a transect

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