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Word Cloud Maker for Words and Phrases

Create a Word Cloud to display and analyse data comprising words and phrases. Our Word Cloud Maker is free to use and no account or login is required.

Word Clouds provide a visual representation of text data, with font size changing in proportion to word, phrase, term or concept frequency. A word or phrase mentioned more often is included in a larger text size and those mentioned less frequently are displayed in a smaller font. The word cloud illustrates patterns of keywords and phrases, which helps in the analysis of relationships and associations.

Enter or copy and paste your words, phrases and word counts in the calculator below. Click the 'Calculate' followed by 'Open Word Cloud' buttons and your Word Cloud will open in a new window. An image of the word cloud can be downloaded. Use the sliders to change the word sizes and word cloud width and height. Click the 'Paste Data' button to see the copy and paste guide.

Word Cloud Maker for Words and Phrases

Word Cloud

Word Cloud created with our Word Cloud Maker

Word Cloud Example