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Rose Diagram or Chart Creator

This Rose Diagram Maker creates circular charts to display data that contain direction and magnitude variables. A rose diagram normally comprises of 8 or 16 radiating spokes, which represent degrees of a circle or compass points North, East, South, West and their intermediate directions. Each direction axis has values increasing outwards and similar to pie charts, the data are divided into proportional slices or sectors. The arc length of each slice is proportional to the quantity it represents.

Rose diagrams are useful in geography fieldwork to analyse data containing amount and direction values. They are commonly used to display the direction, strength and frequency of wind or ocean waves, the orientation of the long axes of pebbles and the direction that cirques or corries face.

Enter your data in the calculator below. Click the 'Calculate' followed by 'Create Rose Diagram' buttons and your rose diagram will open in a new window. A menu appears above the chart offering several options, including downloading an image. Hover over the chart to display the data.

Rose Diagram or Chart Maker

Rose Compass Chart Example Rose Alphabetic Chart Example

Rose Chart Examples made with this Rose Diagram Maker

Data Presentation: Rose Diagrams