Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Barcelona Terrorist Attacks August 2017 - Advice for Visiting Groups

23 August 2017

Our heartfelt condolences for all the victims from many parts of the world, as well as their friends and families. We condemn these horrific attacks.

We assume that a further terrorist atrocity in Barcelona cannot be ruled out. However, the risks to the individual are extremely low and steps are being taken at an institutional/political level to minimise these further.

The Catalan Government Security Board met today and agreed to immediately increase the police presence and introduce street obstacles in high population pedestrian zones in the city. They have also agreed to a study of 'environments of a symbolic character with a large influx of people' to establish permanent measures such as the pedestrianisation of roads. Police numbers at airports and key railway stations will also be increased.

We will implement sensible measures for our field study groups to further reduce the risk of harm. These include:

  • adjusting itineraries and student working methods to minimise/avoid time spent in areas with high concentrations of people e.g. Las Ramblas, Boqueria Market, Portal de l'Angel shopping area and Sitges promenade;
  • ensuring, wherever possible, group collection points are in pedestrianised areas with a security presence, with street furniture/architectural/bollard protection;
  • encouraging students to collect data as efficiently and effectively as possible and minimise time spent in any one urban area where the focus is predominantly on work;
  • enhancing our staff-student supervisory ratio wherever possible;
  • advising that urban lunch breaks should be taken in areas with a security presence;
  • advising school staff and students to be vigilant at all times.

For those groups choosing to visit symbolic tourist attractions (Camp Nou, Parc Guell, Sagrada Familia etc.), we will provide updated advice regarding the security measures implemented.

We will update this page as further Government security measures are announced.