Barcelona Field Studies Centre



Equipment includes a very wide range of topographical and photographic maps (1:5000, 1:10,000, 1:25,000, 1:50,000), overhead projector, video, video cameras, television, electronic white board with ebeam data capture, laptop projector, etc..

Fieldwork Equipment

Equipment includes global positioning systems, anemometers, digital pH, dissolved oxygen content, conductivity, stream flow, light and noise meters, video cameras, grid and point quadrats, surveying equipment, abney levels, pedometers, digital thermometers, hygrometers, soil thermometers, sieve columns, electronic scales, water testing kits, biological microscopes, vegetation identification books, etc.. There are sufficient items to equip groups of up to 70.

Work Sheet Resources

Students are provided on arrival with booklets containing a range of source material tailored to their working itinerary. Additional work sheets, individual maps, architectural, vegetation and rock identification booklets etc. are provided on a case-study basis for each student for each study area. A range of modern and historical photographs and maps of Castelldefels, Barcelona, Garrotxa, individual farms etc. are available for classroom analysis of changes in land use and the identification of particular urban-rural pressures. Large scale map worksheets are available to enable the individual mapping of volcanic features, individual farm land use etc..

Equipment Safety and Maintenance

All of our equipment will be safe, fit for the purpose, appropriate to the intended use, and where applicable meets the appropriate European safety specifications and carries the CE mark of approval or other equivalent nationally accepted safety standards, and will be available in sufficient numbers and appropriate sizes for students to use.

All our equipment is subject to frequent, documented safety checks and all equipment is checked to ensure that it is safe to use immediately prior to each use.

An example of an equipment maintenance log is shown below:

Equipment: Calibrated Sliding Pole


Fieldwork use: Riera de Ribes river channel depth measurements
Beach profile and depth measurements


Maintenance Log
Date Checked No. ready for use Action Taken (comments) Initials