Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Science Museum: rainforest exhibition

This museum, which opened in 2005, has been heralded as the finest science museum in Europe. It has an enormous variety of content and an innovative layout, turning it into one of the most modern museums of its kind.

The exhibitions are distributed throughout various rooms, including the Amazon Forest, the Geological Wall, Planetarium, etc.. Visitors are invited to interact with many of the scientific experiments, making the whole experience richer and more entertaining, particularly for children.

The rainforest exhibition is included in the general entrance price and is an exact reproduction of life in over 1,000 m² of Amazonian flooded forest with more than 100 living species, including native plants and animals.  You can explore not only the flooded forest but also its relationship with the mainland and discover one of the richest and most fragile ecosystems on our planet. Up to 100 native plant species are found in the exhibition including caiman, capybaras, birds, anacondas, leaf-cutter ants and poison arrow frogs.

Amazonian flooded forest exhibition at the Barcelona Science Museum
Amazonian flooded forest exhibition at the Barcelona Science Museum

Opening times: 10.00 to 20.00 Tuesday to Sunday