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Name from......: Mr Giuseppe Bonfante
Organisation...: Merchant Taylor's Boys' School (Crosby)
Comment........: Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Your Professional approach enabled our boys and staff to experience true Catalan culture while carrying out field studies and ecological techniques essential for their A Level studies.
DATE/TIME : 04-07-2011 19:22:10


Name from......: Master Elisha A Lindsay
Organisation...: The late warren Farm Secondary Comprehensive
Comment........: Today I was contemplating getting back in to study of one of the 11 GCSE subjects I studied in senior school namely that of geography. How marvellously surprised I was to locate your web site and to be reminded of the attributes of the coursework. I just wanted to make that point clear keep up the good work and if parliament's education department don't fund you they should.
DATE/TIME : 15-07-2009 07:30:55


Name from......: katie
Organisation...: thomas aveling
Comment........: your website really helped me with my research thank you for making your website really helpful for every one thank you again
DATE/TIME : 29-06-2007 14:37:53


Name from......: Michael Moran
Organisation...: Michael Moran Photography, Inc.
Comment........: I've been visiting Barcelona for years, and have recently been photographing the work of Rafael Moneo, who as you know has two major projects there -- L'Auditori and L'Illa Diagonal.  I was just looking up l'Eixample and came across your article.  It's wonderfully concise, precise, cogent and articulate.  I've just forwarded it to a developer friend.  Many thanks!
DATE/TIME : 13-06-2007 23:46:41


Name from......: kelly
Comment........: it's good.
DATE/TIME : 11-06-2007 18:45:12


Name from......: Caroline Cotton
Organisation...: Wadebridge school
Comment........: Great site! thank you very much, GCSE exam in a few days and this has been great for last minute cramming!
DATE/TIME : 02-06-2007 21:05:55


Name from......: Rahul Patel
Organisation...: Nirma University
Comment........: this information on core periphery model is most accurate about Surat City in India. This is good graphical explanation by you people out there.
thank you.
DATE/TIME : 28-05-2007 19:55:02


Name from......: gemma
Organisation...: colmers school and sports collage
Comment........: hi your web site is brilliant i hope you write back if you don't it's o.k i will understand my guestin is should i worry about the year 8 exams thanks i just thought i would tell you there this weeki have allready done 5 i have 5 more to do so do i worry or shall i stay calm could you please tell me as i am worring out my mind here thanks bye xx gemma and also is the geography test hard thanks alot
DATE/TIME : 16-05-2007 21:11:20


Name from......: Chansey
Comment........: Thanks! this really helped with my A-level Geography coursework.
DATE/TIME : 13-05-2007 23:20:20


Name from......: Penny
Comment........: The information on urban-land use models has helped me greatly with my geography coursework. I just wanted to say thank you and tell you I love
DATE/TIME : 16-04-2007 09:31:30


Name from......: Prof. Rana P.B. Singh
Organisation...: Professor of Cultural Geography, Banaras Hindu University, New F-7 Jodhpur Colony, Varanasi, UP 221005. INDIA
Comment........: Barcelona Field Study Centre
geography fieldwork ---
has been an excellent resource for teaching and application in the fieldwork. I frequently use for my teaching purposes in MA/MSc courses.
Saturday, 05 May 2007. Prof. Rana P.B. Singh
DATE/TIME : 05-05-2007 09:58:42

Name from......: Melanie Collins
Organisation...: Pipers Corner School
Comment........: I took a party of 15 6th form girls to the Hotel Victoria last year.  We had a wonderful time, even though it rained pretty much the entire time but we saw a couple of mini tornadoes which made it worth it!  The field activities were good but the days were very long!  I am hoping we will return next year.
DATE/TIME : 06-02-2007 15:12:37


Name from......: SHILPA SHARMA
Email..........: email address withheld
Comment........: This site is very helpful to me as i am doing research on \'Tourism Development Strategy - a case of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. if you can help me in finding out the theory behind tourism development planning and tourism data analysis.
DATE/TIME : 20-01-2007 16:31:47

Name from......: Andrew Johnson
Organisation...: Communication Industry
Comment........: Very well presented site...
DATE/TIME : 07-01-2007 17:21:24

Name from......: Willie Venter
Comment........: Thank you for a most interesting and mind occupying method of statistical research. We simply looked at the SPEARMAN to get more information for a school project for my son. It was very helpful.
Thank you.
DATE/TIME : 16-01-2007 21:19:29

Name from......: peter karanja
Organisation...: uon
Comment........: Thank you. I gained a lot from your site for my geography paper.
DATE/TIME : 08-01-2007 12:01:01


Name from......: Arthur Andrews
Organisation...: Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School, nr. Leeds
Comment........: I have just started to teach Orienteering to a Yr. 4 group and your site is a god-send.
Excellent, and keep up the good work!
DATE/TIME : 08-01-2007 11:42:52


Name from......: Samantha Downs
Comment........: your site is well mint!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!
DATE/TIME : 24-11-2006 09:45:32

Name from......: Roland Dent
Organisation...: Vienna engineering establishment (Austria)
Comment........: a fantastic site, well done to all!!!
DATE/TIME : 21-11-2006 11:22:53


Name from......: Bonorly
Organisation...: Long Eaton School
Comment........: Brilliant site thanks, helped me with my geography work =]
DATE/TIME : 22-11-2006 15:54:42


Name from......: Olivia
Comment........: THANK YOU! Thanks for the info on Population Dependency you pretty much saved my life! I am studying for my NCEA Level One exam and I didn\'t have much idea about the positive and negatives of a youthful and ageing population. Thanks!
DATE/TIME : 21-11-2006 20:41:10


Date...........: 21/11/06
Name from......: Roland Dent
Organisation...: Vienna engineering establishment (Austria)
Comment........: a fantastic site, well done to all!!!
DATE/TIME : 21-11-2006 11:22:53


Name from......: Chloe Bryce
Comment........: I love this piece of work. it is amazing the best thing i have ever read!!!!!! :)
DATE/TIME : 06-11-2006 11:23:14


Name from......: John Smith
Comment........: Your field/case studies have helped me a lot with my school work. They contain information which are relevant to my projects and homework. Please keep it up! Thank you so much
DATE/TIME : 24-08-2006 22:31:08


Name from......: Martin New
Organisation...: City of Johannesburg
Comment........: As Head of the Inner City Task Force we are always looking for new ideas and strategies. Johannesburg is a lovely city but we still have a lot of work to do.
DATE/TIME : 18-08-2006 09:56:28


Name from......: Max
Organisation...: England, London
Comment........: This is a great site, and has helped with key words for the GCSE population topic. Thanks.
DATE/TIME : 24-05-2006 21:25:55


Name from.............: Louis
Surname...............: Mantini
Comment...............: Thank you!
You provided an excellent explanation of Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient.
DATE/TIME : 16-05-2006 02:15:13


Name from......: Yosemite Indian
Comment........: Hello there. I am a Yosemite Indian.
The definition of Yosemite was not "Some among them are killers".
That was mistakenly done by a worker in Yosemite.
The real translation to Yosemite is "The Killers" or "The Grizzlies".
From Oso-meti...Bear People.
DATE/TIME : 2-05-2006 07:37:30


Name from......: Samuel
Organisation...: The Chase
Comment........: Thank you to the team for the fieldwork trip I have just been on, it was very enjoyable.
DATE/TIME : 04-03-2006 21:30:08


Name from......: katy Mcsparron
Organisation...: Stanchester Media Arts College
Comment........: Thank you so much i have been looking for ages to find these defintions cheers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DATE/TIME : 26-01-2006 21:00:48


Name from......: Fazz
Organisation...: Durham University
Comment........: Thankyou, needed this for my i.t. project and came in extremely handy.
DATE/TIME : 23-01-2006 10:20:22


Name from......: peter
Organisation...: turton
Comment........: really good revision with good tests
DATE/TIME : 19-12-2005 14:47:23


Name from.............: julian
Surname...............: seegobin
School Organisation...: king edwards school
Comment...............: i would just like to thank you for this excellent site i am doing an a level project and your site has been especially helpful for spearmans rank
DATE/TIME : 13-11-2005 17:10:45


Name from......: pam gray
Organisation...: southend
Comment........: Hello derek. Thank you for the fieldwork trip. It as very good & the website is very useful for coursework too! x
DATE/TIME : 03-11-2005 14:52:30


Name from......: goya
Comment........: i found this site very helpful in finding the of the multiplier effect and its relevance to tourism
DATE/TIME : 24-10-2005 17:10:47


Name from......: pam brown
Comment........: my 5th grader is learning about maps and geography in school.  I found your site helpful.  Thank you.
DATE/TIME : 10-10-2005 21:01:05


Name from......: nat
Comment........: great web site it really helped me wiv my course work. thanks
DATE/TIME : 24-10-2005 15:32:08


Name from......: A F
Comment........: I think it would help if you expanded your website to include more about rice faming.
DATE/TIME : 11-10-2005 21:05:30


Name from......: lawrence sappor
Organisation...: univ. of Cape Coast,Ghana
Comment........: It's a nice website that have some good information to benefit the geography students around. I pray to visit this page often to know how regular  updates are being made.
thank you
DATE/TIME : 02-10-2005 15:22:23


Date...........: 27/09/05
Name from......: The Bean
Organisation...: Cheltenham Ladies\' College, England
Comment........: Great site!  I had to research the quaternary industry for a few weeks at college, this site gave me an accurate example.  THANK YOU. 
best regards,
The Bean
DATE/TIME : 27-09-2005 21:47:07


Name from......: Simon
Comment........: Nice one!
DATE/TIME : 14-09-2005 20:28:23


Name from......: Calvin Huang
Comment........: Excellent website.  Keep it up with the good work.  God bless.
DATE/TIME : 11-09-2005 02:00:54


Name from......: chewett
Comment........: good site 4 info
DATE/TIME : 08-09-2005 17:02:11


Name from......: mel
Comment........: Thank you very much... this helped me a lot with my geography homework
DATE/TIME : 07-09-2005 16:32:55


Name from......: paul
Organisation...: langley
Comment........: i found your site very useful thank you
DATE/TIME : 02-09-2005 15:14:09


Name from......: Ben
Comment........: Why are the right answers wrong?
DATE/TIME : 26-08-2005 10:55:52
Webmaster's Reply: Ben, could you contact us with the test name and question number(s)?


Name from......: Jeffrey Mandyck
Organisation...: School of Architecture
Washington University in St. Louis
Comment........: Well written, concise and informative.
DATE/TIME : 23-08-2005 03:51:03


Name:  tim

Organisation: bms


website is very helpful



Name:  Nicky Bremner

Organisation: Gosforth High School, Newcastle


Just returned from a thoroughly enjoyable field work visit in St Pere de Ribes and Sitges. I now have a better understanding of rivers and coasts in really quite beautiful locations, especially the Sitges coast. The sun always shines in Barcelona, by the way. Even more fascinating was the fact that our night porter was called Manuel, from Barcelona.



Name:  Hannah Bateman

Comments: Thank you! Your website gave me everything i needed to revise for a gcse geography test. Thank you!



Name:  Liuli Dyson

Organisation: Spen Valley Sports College


i think this webpage is every good, i've been using it alot now......... and it is alot of help..............i think you should do other subjects like science ex....



Name:  patricia ndaneme

Organisation: university of dortmund


thanks a million for the useful information i got on this site. it really helped in guiding me for an assignment which i appreciate so much. hope to get more and more relevant information from it.


Name:  Joel Hutchinson

Organisation: Ballymena Academy


Thanks for the help! Needed some definitions!



Organisation: Midhurst Grammar

Comments: Really useful for case study on Papua New Guinea. Am studying for GCSE's Geography. Thanks Loobylu XxX



Name:  Perpy C. Tio

Organisation: Mindanawon Initiatives for Cultural Dialogue - Ateneo de Davao University

Comments: i am so grateful for the display of core-periphery models. i need these models in my thesis writing about comparative city industrialization in mindanao, philippines. thank you



Name:  ashley

Comments: thanks, your site immensely helped my research for my paper



Name:  rachel fox

Organisation: kendrick school

Comments: I searched on google for a definition and found your glossary. just to let you know that it proves very useful, as i am doing economics and geography for a level and gives concise easy to understand definitions over a wide subject area.



Name:  yogi

Organisation: ysgol bryn elian

Comments: this website is very helpful if you want informative information for geography



Name:  O. Davies

Comments: Very good site, has been very useful for my Coursework, especially the Spearman's information!!

thank you very much
O. Davies (UK)



Name:  Emma Palmer

Comments: We are studying hill farming in school and find this website very useful and like the way the page comes up diagonally across the screen - very cool.
p.s. we love hillbilly farming and sheep



Name:  vinay

Organisation: Medditerrani Barcelona


 Barcelona is the best place for students in tourism sector . The people are very kind hearted and i learnt a lot from this culture. I am happy to be a part of the city for one year for my study.







Name:  Olly

Comments: I looked at the planning guide on this site, it really helped :)



Name:  natalie

Organisation: hugh biard

Comments: this website is just great



Name:  Kirsty & Hannah

Organisation: Ockbrook School

Comments: Liverpool...........Scunthorpe!?!?!?!?!?!?



Name:  Loi, Izzy, Lucy, Parkes

Organisation: Ockbrook Convent

Comments: 'Dutch Derek' it was Lucy who lost the calibrated plumb line!!!  she is deeply sorry thanx for the best time dudes. Big up for everyone there, especially Derek! Adios Amigos xxx



Name: Lucy and the Ockbrook Girls

School_Organisation: Ockbrook School

Comments: hiya Derek! Its the Ockbrook girls! thank you for a wonderful trip we really enjoyed it thank you! xx



Name:  Louise

Organisation: University

Comments: The "What does this R² value  mean?" section and the degrees of freedom / significance level graph was helpful.  It answered my question.



Name:  Tom

Organisation: Longcroft, East Yorkshire, UK

Comments: Thanks for the Urban Models



Name:  junes hassan mohamed

Organisation: london metropolitan univeresity

Comments: i'm interested about the evolution of the ebro delta, as i have been there on a work placement helping around the ecomuseum and i then wanted to do my dissertation about processes and responses of the coast line of this delta, however,  i also wanted to have a full understanding about the history and evolution of it. thank you very much.



Name:  Susanne

Organisation: K.S

Comments: COol Website - tests are kind of hard though!



Name:  James Pigot

Comments: thank you very much



Name:  Joe Bates

Organisation: King Edwards five ways

Comments: An excellent webpage, much congratulated!





Comments: paginas muy interesantes para mi trabajo como profesorade dendrologia en Xile.

saludos cordiales



Name:  Chris Childs

Organisation: Long Road Sixth Form College

Comments: Thanks Derek for a wonderful trip see you in the future



Name:  Richard

Organisation: Long Road

Comments: Hi little derek, thanks very much for the fantastic geography trip you made for us. could you please update the site and publish some pictures of the legendary 'Long Road 2004' group. many thanks, have a good year.



Name:  Sean Linnen

Comments: hello!!
I'm coming to Barcelona tomorrow and i hope it will be sooo much fun! I'm staying here in Segur de Calafell see you tomorrow!!



Name:  Emma Barke

Comments: very informative and it showed my all about the river rhine!



Name:  naomi

Organisation: bishops

Comments: very good site and good effort for the information



Name:  Lauren




Name:  Luke Mclchlan

Organisation: Franklin college (Grimsby)

Comments: good for resources



Name:  Prasana Uthayakumar

Organisation: Queen Elizabeth School

Comments: Really Good Website



Name:  dougie woodrow

Organisation: greenock high school

Comments: Your case study on wet rice cultivation just saved my life, it looks like you have a wonderful centre, maybe one day I'll get to visit

keep smiling. Thanks



Name:  ross pickering

Organisation: Nobel school

Comments i really enjoyed spain, it was a great experience for me and i loved every second of it, the hotel was great, the food was great and the scenery was beautiful from ross



Name:  ross pickering

Organisation: Nobel School

Comments: hi derek, this is a quality website, it has helped me a lot with my coursework, the experience in spain was great and all the places we went were really interesting



Name:  Dom

Organisation: George Spencer College


had a good time. Sorry we were noisy but we ad a laugh. will recommend the food to all, it was varied and scrumptious we looked forward to having our dinner after a hard days work.



Name:  adam coe

Organisation: george spencer

Comments: great time thanks to everyone involved especially the London students. ( cheers to Bruce, Sandra, and Derek )



Name:  Francis Erese

Organisation: Feltham Community College

Comments: the only web site that has actually helped me in my project RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 February 2004


Name:  Dr. Gilnei Fróes

Instituto Bering Fróes Eco Global

Congratulations!  It is wonderful work for the environmental causes!

22 February 2004


Name:  Claire

Organisation: Knockbreda high school

Comments: Brilliant website

10 February 2004


Name:  Maria



2 February 2004


Name:  247

Organisation: International School Hamburg

Comments: Ohh well. I really enjoyed staying at the field work center in Sitges. For me it was a fantastic opportunity to learn and understand more about sand dunes and beaches. Furthermore the nights in Sitges were amazing...all the good looking women.....WOW ! It probably was one of my best experiences in life! Thank u Derrick!!!!

Best wishes to everyone

27 January 2004


Name:  Jane

Organisation: Gateshead


really good site and has helped me with 6 different essay's at school in geography. totally radicul!!!

25 January 2004


Name:  Dave Barber

Organisation: Sir John Leman High School

Comments: That picture of Simon was really lovely!

15 December 2003


Name:  Rosy

Organisation: Kensington

Comments: Sir plleeeeeeeeease dont make the exam really hard!!!!! I would like to get i good mark this year (Preferably more than 95%!!) Last year i only got 94%!!

6 December 2003


Name:  sean harris

Organisation: midhurst grammar skool

Comments: great facts

2 December 2003


Name:  Jonny Baron


hello all. i agree strongly with this malachi!

2 December 2003


Name:  Bob Martin hadley

Organisation: St.johns cofe middle

Comments: i think the site has very intresting info

27 November 2003


Name:  Anna

Organisation: Sir John Leman High School

Comments: A great week! Thank you to both the Dereks' and everyone else who helped out, I learnt alot and had a great time.

3 November 2003


Name:  Joe Larkin

Organisation: Sir John Leman High School

Comments: A very good time spent there, I would like to thank both Dereks for their knowledge and patience as well as Bruno who helped us out with the river study. Even if he can't use the gradient level right!!!! He managed to in the end though.

3 November 2003


Name:  rachel ainsworth

Organisation: kesteven and grantham girls school in grantham lincs england

Comments: I found the website very helpful for my geography home work on rain

6 October 2003


Name:  Bridget

Organisation: Hamburg International School

Comments: Oh Derük, that was a wonderful trip, blessed with wonderful things like urself, the dunes, the trees, hugging them, and etc. The food was great ( uhuhm) the rooms were fab,,... keep the great organisation up daärek, we love u always and forever, please dont pull no ones finger, Bridget.

1 October 2003


Name:  Curtis Michel

Organisation: Elk Creek R&R Farm

Comments: Bruno ... Poppa told me about your place.  How would a Delaware County farm boy HS grad neighbor with aspirations get there?

17 September 2003


Name:  shannon matthews

Organisation: Nobel

Comments: hi derick what r u up 2 lately i like the field trip and the hotel  love shannon xxxxxxxxxxxxx(iamboy)

12 September 2003


Name:  daniele ferraris

Comments: congratulaciones para vuestro web-site y tambien para la ciudad de barcelona

4 September 2003


Name:  vicky

Organisation: spen valley high school

Comments: this really helped me with my essay on the lake districti got full markes and A* in my GCSE's and am now going on to do a degree in geography

19 July 2003


Name:  vicky hall

Organisation: spen valley high

Comments: cool it really helped me wi ma geog essay on lake district hill sheep farms
Cheers !!!

19 July 2003


Name:  Craig (skater crew) BIG George (the one who berated you) Mike (who didn't get fed) Richard (half way there) Paul (cos Paul said so)

Organisation: Long Road Sixth

Comments: Yo derek, just a quick one to thank you on a wonderful, lovely, ecstatic, delightful and unique experience. Say a big *waddup* Juan. Anyway peace out brother! cya

9 July 2003


Name:  Sarah

Organisation: Dunfermline Lauder College, Halbeath, Fife SCOTLAND

Comments: hey everyone! I was in Costa Daurada last year and had an excellent holiday! I'm wondering if there are any job opportunities at the Port Aventura Theme park!
If any one could please tell me as I'm looking for something for this summer as a work placement! It was such a great time had there last year and I'd really like to work there! so please if any one knows if there is a job opening please reply to this message!!!!

15 June 2003


Name: Gabor Posta

Organisation: Kensington School

Comments: This site rules!!

3 June 2003


Name:  Soojin

Organisation: Kensington School

Comments: This website is really nice made!!! I really like it an also its got lots of important information!
When people are having an exam and the day before they see this website I think they are gonna have more than 90%!!!!This is excellent!

6 May 2003

Name:  Angel Velarde

Organisation: Suffolk university ( U.S.A.)

Comments: Para un gran equipo a nivel mundial ..vamos Barcelona !! siempre ganadores .. eso es el equipo un sentimiento , un sentimiento lleno de alegria y armonia ..por eso VAMOS BARCELONA!!

5 May 2003


Name:  Jeff Helgeson

Organisation: UW-Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Comments: Excellent site, after wading through several incomrehensible explanations, I came across your site. It explained it beautyfully, with clear examples that where invaluable. Thank you so much.

1 May 2003


Name:  Maria

Organisation: Music School

Comments: I love FCB!! They are the greatest!!! For me they won the match with Torino!!! I love you Barca!!!! the fan from POLAND!

30 April 2003


Name: Sam Hampton

Organization: King Alfred's School

Comments: Barcelona was very nice, but the thing that made the trip was definitely Derek. Truly inspiring.

22 March 2003


Name:  Amy

Organisation: Gillingham School, Dorset

Comments: I REALLY enjoyed this experience and I would definitely go there again. I had wicked time!!!

21 December 2002


Name:  Odele


Comments: a quality week...I'd love to do it all over again!

11 December 2002


Name:  Yoon-Ji

Organisation: Kensington

Comments: A cool and well-made website

19 September 2002


Name:  Rosy

Organisation: Kensington

Comments: Cool website!

17 September 2002


Name:  Daniel M

Organisation: Long Road


Hi Derek! great site, I really enjoyed Barcelona! Barcelona 2002!!Rock On!!! Cant wait to see all my fellow geographers on monday! bye guys

15 September 2002


Name:  Jamie and Chris

Organisation: Long Road Sixth Form College Cambridge


Hi Derek
We would just like to comment on the top notch service that we received in Barcelona and to thank you for teaching us so much and being a good sport.
cheers del.....
You legend

Jamie and Chris


Name:  Cara

Comments: This is a very good website,im learning Spanish at the nottingham trent university and this has helped.Do you know where theres a website for Asturias? If you do, can you e-mail me?Thanks a bunch.Cara-13 years old

23 June 2002


Name:  Jamie P

Organisation: Long Road Sixth Form College

Comments: the work was well organised and the hotel was great. also *** and beaches were great as were the locals.

23 June 2002


Name:  Laura

Organisation: Long Rd Sixth Form College

Comments: Derik you're a legend! Thanks to all the guys ova in Barcelona for a great week

23 June 2002


Name:  Jenny

Organisation: Long Road Sixth Form, Cambridge.


I’m exhausted now ( most sleep I got was 7 ½ hrs on Wed night – more than most!) and was glad to arrive home this afternoon. However, the trip was brilliant! I really enjoyed all the trips but those to Barcelona and the Ebro Delta were by far the best. The paddy fields and Delta were features I’d never seen before and the flamingos were beautiful!  The Cathedral was really lovely and the La Rambala shops a good place to wander. -Though, Hannah and I did most of our shopping at the airport this morning! The Nou Camp was different but I still want to go to the Barcelona race circuit!!! –I can’t believe Rossi won again last Sun at the Catalunya Moto GP ( I even rang home wed to find that out as I couldn’t wait till today!) Well done in getting around Thursday’s problems with the Strike the ecosystems work was a good laugh! – also gave us a good bit of exercise! The hotel was a lovely little place and really friendly. Oh and I learnt quite a lot too!!! Thanks for everything.
Jenny Boatwright, Long Road sixth Form. 16th – 21st June, 2002

21 June 2002


Name:  ?

Organisation: Long Road Sixth Form College Cambridge

Comments: CHEEKY

21 June 2002


Name:  Ally H

Organisation: Long Road SFC

Comments: Focus!

also where are all the pictures of us?
cheers for a great break!


21 June 2002


Name:  pip davis

Organisation: Long Road Sixth Form College


derrek u r the main man and made the field trip great u legend.

21 June 2002


Name:  Alison

Organisation: Long Road Sixth Form College


I would just like to say thank you for letting us stay with you and for the activities we did.

21 June 2002


Name:  Anthony Giddens


London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


I must say that this website has been well designed and has an excellent explanation of geography which is good for  students. I must say if i may that there the pictures are excellent, and that if I were still a young student i would be delighted to go to Spain for a geography field trip!!!!

21 May 2002


Name:  James Huntington

Organisation: Guthlaxston College


I found my trip to Barcelona extremely educational as well as enjoyable, and it will be most beneficial as I prepare my case studies.
Thanks very much Derek and especially Juan!

27 April 2002


Name:  DERMO

Organisation: Guthlaxton College


Had a great time thanks DERICK. BARCELONA IS COOL!!!

26 April 2002


Name:  David Cabaniuk

Organisation: Guthlaxton College


I went on the geography field work course and I thought it was really good.

23 April 2002


Name: Iain Bruce

Organisation: Guthlaxton College, Wigston, Leicester, England


I had a brilliant time studying some geography in real life situations in some great locations and with the help of friendly and knowledgable experts.  

23 April 2002


Name:  Bernadette


LA Swap sixth form - William Ellis/Parliament Hill schools


Hey derek, sarah and janet!

Thank you for a lovely week in Barcelona, I really appreciate all the effort you put in.

I've gained a lot of information from the trip!

thank you!!!!

cosmic wishes and love,




Name: Tobias Larsen

Organisation: Parliament Hill/William Ellis


Hi,  I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help that we received while we were there in Barcelona. I know we were a bit of a loud bunch of people, so thanks for putting up with us for so long!


Name:  Shanmugam Pillai Subbiah


Professor of Geography
University of Madras
Chennai 600 005, India


Wonderful and fruitful site.

Received 7 January 2002


Name:  Hannah

British School of Brussels


Hi Derek!
Thanks very much for a good trip! it was really fun. Have a good Christmas,

Received 21 December 2001


Name:  Geography department, Gillingham school


Hello we were in Barcelona 4 days ago, just writing to say thanks for your help especially to derek, sandra and others who helped us collect data for our course work.

Received 11 December 2001


Name: Cara Roberts

Organisation: Gillingham School, Dorset

Comments: On behalf of everyone who came with me to Barcelona, I'd like to say thank you for a wonderful time. We enjoyed every minute of our time there and we appreciated the high quality of teaching that you provided for us. We all wish that we could come back next year! We're all hard at work on our coursework now, but it's not as fun as being there!!    

Received: 11 December 2001


Name:  Natalie Mills

Organisation: Filton College Bristol


it was brill apart from the weather but it was still fun and a break from boring college life
thank u

5 December 2001


Name:  arcy


wolfreton upper


It is very nice (your website)

26 November 2001


Name:  Stu Windsor

Organisation: South Axholme


Cool. I thought it was really good.

23 November 2001


Name:  Geoff Davies

Organisation: George Spencer School, Nottingham


the trip was excellent

16 November 2001


Name:  Jon Sykes

Organisation: George Spencer School, Nottingham


Just got back from Barcelona. Had a great time. The trip was excellent.

13 November 2001


Name:  Katherine

Organisation: Chew Valley School, Bristol


We had a really good time while in Barcelona and enjoyed everything we did. Also the pictures of us are very interesting and thank you for putting them on the web site as this means everyone who didn't come are able to see what we got up to.

12 November 2001


Name:  Tony

Organisation: George Spencer School, Nottingham


I've just got back from one of your field trips, and checked out the website, and I have to say that both are pretty good! The photos seem pretty good on your site, as is all the information. I
think you are making this independent study too easy for me! Thanks again and keep it up, cos its dead good, dead useful, and dead fun too!

10 November  2001


Name:  Becci Hawkins

Organisation: Portsmouth College


Barcelona is very very cool and you must go there!

29 October 2001


Name:  Stuart Emery


Chew Valley school
Chew Magna


I found the site a real help as it gave me facts about what the area is like where I am going to be staying and what activities we are going to be doing. I look forward to coming in October.
c u then!!

20 October 2001


Name:  Laura Croft


This site rocks.
Barcelona are the best team.

11 September 2001



University of Geography, Utah


Great site gee-whiz yanky doodle doo!

19 August 2001


Comments:Name: Ian Smith

Best wishes to Barca for a successful 2001/02 football season.
My home club is Hibernian in Edinburgh, but I have supported Barca from afar since we played you in 1961 in the Fair Cities Cup and hope to get to your home match against Valencia on 14th October as I will be visiting Barcelona again at that time.

27 July 2001