Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Field Studies Checklist: WJEC

 Syllabus WJEC GG1/2
Extrusive landforms X
Tectonic Hazards X
Tectonic processes and landforms X
Drainage basins Channel characteristics X
Drainage basin management X
Effects of human activity on fluvial processes X
Factors that influence the passage of water X
Flash flooding case study X
Flood hazard and management X
Flood plain features X
Fluvial processes and landforms X
Rainfall-discharge relationships X
Small scale ecosystems Forest microclimates X
Sand dune vegetation succession X
Plagioclimax X
Brown earths, gleys, rendzinas and terra rossas X
Aspects of rural change Contrasting experiences of semi-rural and extreme rural areas X
Managing rural environments X
Rural depopulation X
Sustainable rural development X
Changing urban environments City planning and development issues X
Managing urban environments X
Patterns of urban land use X
Re-urbanisation X
Spatial segregation X
Sustainable city management X
Urban change and environmental problems X
Urban-rural migration, suburbanisation and counterurbanisation X
 Syllabus WJEC GG4
Dynamic equilibrium  Modification of glacial landscapes
Human impacts on the natural environment Skiing impacts in glacial areas X
Flash flooding case study X
Coastal management case study X
Management strategies X
Climatic hazards Flash flood hazard management X
Regional inequalities Rural depopulation X
Rural development strategies X
Industry Industrial change and de-industrialisation X
High-Tech industry growth poles X
Redevelopment of old manufacturing sites X
Sustainable management X
The impact of TNCs X
Tourism Intra-national tourism and recreation X
National Park management X
Sustainable tourist development X
Tourist pressures on coastal environments X
 Syllabus WJEC GG5
Water Supply
Effects of Spain's National Water Plan X