Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Hotel Calipolis Sitges

Av. Sofia 2-6 Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Tel. +34 938941550

The Hotel Calipolis is an upscale four-star hotel located on the Sitges sea front by the beach. It has a central location, close to the entertainment district.

Students are provided with double rooms, with single rooms for the staff. A buffet breakfast with 'show-cooking' is included. There is a wi-fi connection throughout the hotel.

Groups have use of a hotel conference room.

The hotel has an unsupervised outdoor swimming pool, with a maximum depth of 2.3 metres.

Extra facilities not included in our quotes:

  • Coffee break
  • Finger buffet
  • Buffet (minimum 50 persons)
  • Tapas menu
  • Use of gymnasium
  • Room service
  • Laundry service

Picnic Lunch Options (included with full board)

Picnic Option 1
2 rolls (ham, cheese, etc.)
1 sandwich (ham and/or cheese)
2 pieces of fruit
1 ½ litre bottle of water.
1 chocolate bar (Toblerone)
2 types of biscuits and crisps.

Picnic Option 2
2 rolls (cheese)
1 sandwich (vegetarian)
2 pieces of fruit
1 ½ litre bottle of water.
1 chocolate bar (Toblerone)
2 types of biscuits and crisps

Evening Meal Non-Vegetarian Menu Options (included with full/half board)

Menu 1
Xato de Sitges
Grilled beef entrecote with creamed spinach
Lemon sorbet

Menu 2
Fresh cheese salad with tomato, pine nuts and mango vinaigrette
Supreme hake steak and green peppers sauce
Caramelized Catalan Cream

Menu 3
Tudela mushrooms with marinated cod, wasabi and lime
Grilled Girona flank steak with mushrooms and chive oil
Panna cotta white chocolate

Menu 4
Goat cheese salad, cashew nuts and sautéed cherry tomatoes
Grilled fish with black rice
Sacher cake

Menu 5
Ricotta and spinach tortellinis with 4 cheese sauce
Pork cheek in red wine
Tangerine sorbet

Menu 6
Ravioli pumpkin and orange sauce
Sea bass on carrot cream with ham oil
Chocolate pyramid and raspberry heart

Evening Meal Vegan Menu Options (included with full/half board)

Menu 1
Cucumber, apple and banana salad with strawberry vinaigrette
Bomba rice with sautéed vegetables
Macedonia fruits with ice cream

Menu 2
Salad of asparagus and arugula
Spinach nests with tofu and tomato concasse
Rice with coconut, mango and strawberries

Menu 3
Cream of courgette and almonds
Tofu, quinoa and broccoli burger
Panna cotta with fruits of the forest

Evening Meal Vegetarian Menu Options (included with full/half board)

Menu 1
Cream of vegetables with cream cheese and croutons
Fagottini al pesto rosso sautéed with almonds
Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

Menu 2
Crudités salad with nuts and lime vinaigrette
Mellow rice with mushrooms and truffle oil
Fruit Macedonia

Menu 3
Mozzarella salad with tomato kumato and basil oil
Grilled vegetables with charcoal salt
Catalan caramelized cream

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