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Hotel Calipolis Guest Rules

We would appreciate you complying with the following points for the health and safety of your group and for the convenience and comfort of the rest of the guests staying at the hotel. It is important to respect their needs for a peaceful and relaxing stay.

  • Dress appropriately inside the hotel (for example with shirt and shoes).

  • Please dry yourself before entering the hotel after swimming or showering.

  • Please do not slam doors or behave noisily in the hotel corridors or rooms.

  • It is forbidden to jump or climb from one balcony to another.

  • The hotel pool is open for the use of guests between 10.00 and 20.00; please do not use it outside these hours.

  • Please dispose of litter in the bins provided.

  • After using the beach, please clean yourself and your belongings of sand before entering the hotel.

  • No ball games are allowed in the vicinity of the hotel.

  • Please report any problems or damage in your hotel room immediately to reception to avoid any misunderstanding.

  • Please look after the hotel facilities and report any damage immediately to hotel reception.

  • External telephone calls can be made through the two telephones available at reception; the room telephones should not be used for this purpose.

  • Please keep to the hotel restaurant eating hours. The hotel management reserve the right not to serve group members arriving more than 15 minutes late for a meal reservation.

  • The hotel kitchen is a strictly restricted area with access for authorised hotel personnel only.

  • Food and drink purchased elsewhere may not be consumed on the premises.

  • Food should not be taken from the restaurant for consumption elsewhere.

  • Alcohol will be served to students only with the permission of the group leader.

  • Students may use the swimming pool with the permission of the group leader as long as they are supervised appropriately.

  • Soft and alcoholic drinks, including coffee must be paid for separately.

  • The following are Hotel Calipolis facilities that are also not included in the cost of your stay and should be paid for separately:

    coffee break
    room service
    laundry service

  • An open credit card deposit may be required upon arrival as security against non-accidental damage by members of the group. This will be returned on departure.

The receptionist speaks English and will be pleased to assist with any questions and requests.

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