Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Field Studies Availability Checklist: AQA B

 Syllabus AQA B
Agriculture Horticulture  
Pressure on the urban fringe  
Coasts Cliff and beach systems X
Coastal management X
Halosere vegetation succession X
Sand dune vegetation succession and management X
Climate Forest climates  
Shelter belts and wind breaks  
Ecosystems Aleppo pine/Evergreen oak climax vegetation  
Ecology of urban areas X
Halosere vegetation succession X
Maquis/garrigue biome  
Mediterranean wetlands  
National Park management  
Sand dune vegetation succession X
Glaciation Glaciated landscapes and landforms X
Periglacial processes and landforms X
Hazards Flood and drought hazards and management X
Industry Industrial change and de-industrialisation X
Research and development incubators  
Changing pattern of retailing  
Limestone landscapes    
Rivers Channel characteristics  
Drainage basin management  
Effects of human activity on fluvial processes  
Flood hazard and management  
Fluvial processes and landforms  
Rainfall-discharge relationships  
Rural areas Contrasting experiences of semi-rural and extreme rural areas  
Managing rural environments  
Rural depopulation  
Sustainable rural development  
Slopes Slope processes  
Brown earths, gleys, rendzinas and terra rossas X
Sport and leisure Impact of sport and leisure activities  
Tectonics Economic benefits of igneous activity  
Extrusive landforms  
Tectonic processes and landforms X
Tourism Intra-national tourism and recreation  
National Park management  
Sustainable tourist development X
Tourist pressures on coastal environments  
Urban City planning and development issues X
Changing pattern of retailing  
Ecology of urban areas X
Managing urban environments  
Patterns of urban land use  
Spatial segregation  
Sustainable city management X
Urban change and environmental problems X
Urban-rural migration, suburbanisation and counterurbanisation X

Water Resources


Irrigation study  
Water supply and demand  

Wilderness environments


Pressures, conflicts and management  
 Syllabus AQA B